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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

You might be an adult in an adult, mature body that is in a alignment with your age growth, Can we say the same about your mind ? is your mental framework up to date with our age ?

Are we operating from an up-to-date mental referent framework ? Or are we operating from the same outdated mental referent framework of a child ?

“Almost all, if not all, limiting beliefs about self, others or life form during childhood.”

This means that, given the child’s brain and maturity development, the early mapping reflected the best the child could do.

And yet, it also reflects the thinking level and skills of a child, not of a mature mind.

And yet, it also reflects the thinking level and skills of a child, not of a mature mind.

Even If these beliefs or states form in adulthood they still conform to certain laws of misperception (Pre-stored in old programming) flawed laws you may call them.

Certain perceptual flaws must occur to form a limiting belief or non-resource state.

These flaws dominate childhood perception and also take place when developing a ‘problem state’ in adulthood .

Old thinking patterns that developed during the earlier years of life when we had limited resources often fail to serve us in adult life.

The point of (Hack Your Beliefs ) therapy in general, and hypnotic language in particular, involves transporting the complex thought skills (from an adult's mature knowledge and mental capacities ) back in time allowing this ability to reprocess ‘the limiting cognitive knot’ in the persons’ psyche.

This means that you can use what you know now on what you did not know then .

you can update your old maps and create new and better referent experiences."

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