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At a very young age, I have grown up with a strong awareness of Source and intuition and have always been very sensitive to energy.  Through awareness, I could see, hear and feel inner guidance.

When I was very young “grown-ups' will come to me asking me for support and the range of help I could give them at the time went from a future foreseen to finding a lost object.

I felt powerful I knew exactly what I wanted from life, I wanted to transform and heal people to guide them to open the gates to their inner happiness at the age of 9 while the other kids were outside playing I was deeply glued to psychology and physiology books I managed to borrow from our neighbor who wasn't very neighborly that's why sometimes I had to wait for him to finish with them and toss them away in the trash ...I still remember the rush of excitement and even ecstasy that ran through my whole body when I find those types of books in the trash bags.
I went to an extent of writing positive messages and delivering them randomly under the doors of our neighborhood.
You’d think I had a very positive and flourishing childhood, I'm sorry to disappoint you, I was physically and emotionally abused, beaten till I lost consciousness countless times.
For many years I fantasized about escaping and running away,I can't remember how many times I packed a bag full of clothes, one time  I tried to climb to the neighbors with the intent of running on the roofs until I find a good family that can be nice to me but then when I looked around and saw my younger brother’s face weeping and begging me to come back all my plans to change my life went to avail.

Though I continued my life purpose journey during my teens, my mother started to get worried about me saying that I have to come back to reality
So with good intent, in order for her to save me she smacked, kicked, battered me until I give it all up and never ever speak about these things,  around that time, I felt envious of every kid who committed suicide with pills and so I tried but I was a coward at that.


To be able to fit in I felt that I needed to be firmly in the physical if I was going to be independent and earn my own money to get the hell away from my family so I followed what my mothers wanted, I studied hard and got a bachelor in Math and Physics, Around that time I met my soulmate husband, and I was over the moon happy to be myself and not having to pretend to be someone else .with his endless stream of support, love, and appreciation from him I did 2 years of Math and Physics engineering in a university then I got pregnant and  I gave birth to my first son at home unassisted,  though I was super satisfied and happy something was missing. I wasn't fully fulfilled. What began as a little whisper developed into a roar from my heart that wanted to be expressed. That's when I started my soul-fulfilling journey into understanding the mind-body connection and then the quantum mechanics and which led me to so many forgotten books about the power of belief and our paradigms and the law of attraction.
I got obsessed and even hungry about reading those books daily.
That's when I started manifesting what seemed like miracles and wonders into my life and I knew at that time I was on the right path to purposefully align my soul/heart and body. Giving expression to my deepest Heart/Soul’s desires, I found that when I was in alignment, profound manifestations materialized very quickly. The things I had merely dreamt about in the past but not necessarily believed as being possible for me were now quickly forming in my reality. I was doing the inner work, believing in unlimited possibilities, and giving action to the things I was inspired to do, and my life changed dramatically.


My life as the being I came here to be.  An ever-unfolding adventure

Therefore expressing truth and alignment between my thoughts, feelings, and actions, instead of what I was conditioned to think, feel and believe.  Then there was a joy.  Joy for being like I have never felt before.  A wholeness and deep acceptance for myself and others. Wonder and awe for all of life and love for the adventure, the journey we are all on.  

With my vast knowledge on the spiritual side of it and the scientific side that backs it all up, I helped countless people change their lives and I was pretty much honored to be their guiding light.

However, I stumbled upon an enigma.

Yes I could help clients to consciously change but there are hidden subconscious programs running in the background and without our conscious awareness and since our subconscious mind runs the show between 95% to 99% of our day and is 40 million times more powerful than our conscious mind it seems like a very tough and unfair battle and so no matter how many times you say I'm worthy, I am loved if it conflicts with a  rooted subconscious belief then all that effort will get canceled!

When I was looking into solving this enigma, I discovered Marisa Peer and how her RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy ) can directly access the subconscious mind and  get to the deeply rooted and mostly false and outdated beliefs coded in it, extract that/those beliefs, rapidly changing the meaning the person has attached to that belief and imprinting and installing new positive beliefs that aligns with what the person wants. Thus changing the playback program that runs most of your day and this way the subconscious mind will work for you not against you.

I was instantly hooked and thanks to my husband's huge support and encouragement, I got trained in person by Marisa Peer and finished my studies, and have been changing lives not only on the conscious level but also on the subconscious level which brings about a permanent change that aligns the mind ,the body and the soul.

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